Stunning large wings heavy incoming! Absolute big

2015-07-20 16:51:05

Character full level, high-end suits, the horse toforce ... Is not that still something missing? Want more cool role? "SwordKenshin" new stunning large wings heavy incoming! "Martial Arts"will open the packaging and testing. By then, the new system while the wings onthe line, so that you win the envy of people watched while enhancing the roleof the property! How you can miss this artifact? Heroes, look forward to it! 


Stunning large wings heavy incoming! Absolute big

"Sword Kenshin" is equippedwith a variety of wings modeling, to meet different player preferences.Beautiful white angel wings, wing nightmare of evil cool black, brown wildeagle Wings. ... There is always a let you shine! Equip not only allow you toget the most cool shape, looks domineering side drain, with a kingly, but alsoenhance the character's combat, defense and other property through additionalwings. Of course, different wings have different bonuses. Anna quickly on thewings of sports equipment martial arts it!


Stunning large wings heavy incoming! Absolute bigStunning large wings heavy incoming! Absolute big

Jointhe "Sword Kenshin", strong-minded gallant battles with martial artsarena!

"SwordKenshin" Kunlun Online meticulously build the first real-time combat tourARPG hand. The game uses Unity3D engine for the players to restore a true puremartial arts world, many knight you choose. The game's first breakthrough inthe 1v1 multiplayer battlefield general hand travel restrictions athletics, warcamp, gang warfare, 3v3 battlefield, and many players every day will bring theultimate pk cool experience, as well as original combo system, with coolspecial effects show, players will bring a new action-sports mobile gamesexperience.