《Sword Kenshin》 CBT Soon, play the new super cool exposure

2015-07-20 17:00:38

Some player sigh: "Eyes closed eyes opened,, the secondhalf began in 2015, not even a break." Yes, in July has been creeping up,"Sword Kenshin" open test soon! Sword Kenshin new version, ultra-coolplay, blood pk soon as you open!

"Sword Kenshin" Kunlun Online meticulously build thefirst real-time combat tour ARPG hand. To meet the more martial arts handtravel enthusiasts, thank the old players attention and support for the game,"Sword Kenshin" will be shocked to open the recent Android beta!Annual strongest hand tour 3D martial arts masterpiece, authentic real riversand lakes, people unlimited athletic, cool horse, super cow cavalier waitingfor you to come and collect! Heroes must not miss the martial arts feastwaiting for you to experience!

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《Sword Kenshin》 CBT Soon, play the new super cool exposure

This beta testing in addition to optimizing the existingcontent, the update adds the following:

Guild Warfare

Guild LV 7 or more can participate inguild warfare! Mondays, Tuesday apply. 30V30 guild warfare in the form of, for15 minutes. NPC battle using defensive form. Battle of the need to protectone's own NPC gang will not be killed. Who is this week's strongest guild? Withthe strength to speak!

《Sword Kenshin》 CBT Soon, play the new super cool exposure

War Zone

Open around the clock! Unrestrictedfreedom pk, more timed treasure chest with elite monsters appear, as well asadding a player like PVP show and athletic venues. War Zone is the inter servernature, use several PK clothes. Brush strange theater credits also rewards.Cool fight cross-service people, as soon as possible to brush, too!

《Sword Kenshin》 CBT Soon, play the new super cool exposure

Battle Suit

Battle dress can play a huge role in PVP, battle field filled adoptedaccumulation war zone integration, and exchange in the field stores. A portionwill correspond to different pieces of equipment, if the player has more piecesof war equipment. You can always be replaced. It can be further upgraded by warstone. Now we go to accumulate honor and strengthen it now!

Orange Suit

The equipment is not to force,loading force pressure! 50 more epic can now be upgraded to orange Suit it! Butbefore this, you need to overcome the challenges nightmare powerful enemies,upgrade material accumulation corresponding oh.


《Sword Kenshin》 CBT Soon, play the new super cool exposure